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Erotic Painting.
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F.M. Bredt.
Henri Motte.
C. Ralli.

Something rotten on these ladies’ faces, just a great carnival and one has to know the rules in order to join. What would the rules be judging by these very pictures, looking at this very gallery? The colors of the pictures are not bright but the femmes are brighter than any colors could be. We read from their postures, from the gestures and looks the taint of their souls. This is a great piece of work for a painter – to reflect a femme at the most exciting moment, the moment of depravation.

She is gazing at herself in the looking-glass and laughing loudly. We can almost hear the sound. There is only a see through fabric flung on her body. She is shamelessly exposing her shoulders to any visitor, to any man. She is enjoying looking at her new hat – the true feminine nature.

A. Drue.
Theodore Ralli.
Erotic painting+pics.
O. Ralli.
Ed. Richter.
Theodore Ralli.
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