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Erotic Painting.
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Erotic Painting - Ch. Chaplin
Jules Scalbert
F.M. Bredt
Vintage Drawing. - A. Penot
M. Everart Oskar

This is a great exhibition of the erotic painting, the charming and alluring feminine body reflected on the canvas, showing the depth of the artist’s heart and the width of the femmes’ beauty. Their breasts with the small nipples shown, the shades between their legs, the beautifully painted hair. These girls are made up of some fairy-tale material, they are fairies…

She grabs her breast with one hand and bites her lips slightly…The painting is very sunny, especially considering the flowers and the yellow color. She is looking down at her other hand and there is a sunny expression on her face. You look at that very picture and you want to go on living whatever your mood was just a minute ago.

Oskar Michaelis
A. Penot
Saloon - Arno von Riesen
E. Landau
L. Comerre
F. Lard
E. Friand
R. Guillaume
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