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    Have you ever asked yourself how old is the art of erotica and sweet seduction? If you give it a proper thought you will suddenly realize it is as old as the hills. Our ability of having sex for fun is a breathtaking proof that we are really sensible! The greatest artists of all times glorified the beauty of naked human bodies and the incredible elation of coition. Sex art kept developing from epoch to epoch revealing one furtive carnal mystery after another.
    Take a unique fascinating tour into the realm of vintage sex! You have never seen anything so pure and so sinful at the same time. Outrageous man and women of the bygone century savor each other’s desirable bodies right in front of your curious eyes.
    If young people had followed their old folks’ recommendations we would have lived in caves now! Appreciate the courage of the daring lovers showing the hottest spots of their lascivious bodies in front of the camera in the times when sweet innocent girls were doomed to loose their virginity on the first night of their wedding! If the poor creatures were not virgins any more it meant disgrace and infamy for their families. In fact, it was risky to show a glimpse of the ankle beneath your attire! Brought up under the immense pressure of society morale and religious restrictions mischievous lovers of the ancient porno flicks went hardcore ruining rigid traditions and challenging the life ways of their parents.
    We are happy to introduce you to a wonderful 100% original and exclusive collection of vintage porn featuring the development of human sensuality from the early 1900's to the late 1980's. Here you will find every trend of the art from erotic nudes to hardcore porn.
    Start a breathtaking journey right now and become a part of world porn history! The beginning of the XX century is the time of great experiments and theories in every sphere of human live. Early Vintage Stag Films and nude strippers will show you the pioneers of porn from the 1900's.
    The Roaring Twenties will immerse you into the atmosphere of prosperity and increasing sexuality. The 1930's will please you with revolutionary film technologies, first talkies and long-playing porno records.
    The 1940's bring new tendencies into the porn art. Defying death and every awful manifestation of war erotica thrives and finds its way in soldiers’ beloved "pin-up-girls" and nudie magazines. The 1950s become a real triumph of life and hot carnal pleasures. Men and women who managed to survive in the World War II enjoy life and let their beasts out. The result is a perfect collection of retro threesomes and blowjobs. The 1960s risk filming even more provocative porn material including homosexual, lesbian, interracial and cruel xxx action.
    The 1970's and 80's are a cornerstone of today’s porn art. It is the time of the first porno "theaters" and VHS, immaculate porn legends and men blessed with huge dicks. The porn becomes what it is now – hot, uncensored, wild and creative xxx action of horny sex-machines! The names of John Holmes and Christy Canyon, Ron Jeremy and Vanessa Del Rio are whispered around every corner and your parents hide dirty movies like "Deep Throat" and “Golden Age of Porn”…
    Get unlimited access to fully downloadable scenes and sets of pics of this unique vintage porn collection right now for either a $4.97, 3-day trial or a starting monthly fee of only $ 29.97!

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