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Name: Bocabat
Hope to see more and more in the future. Keep up the good work! Will sure visit again.

4 March 2006

Name: Craig
I am very interested in vintage erotica and this site is a real gold mine. Thanks!

22 February 2006

Name: Frank
A person can spend hours on this site. this is so awesome and I"ve been trying to find something like this for a while. I will definitley send this site to my friends. Can any of these photos be purchased?

21 February 2006

Name: Yaveyid
Very nice! Keep working. This is a cool site!

16 February 2006

Name: Masterspankerswitch
I am a freak and I love my porn. I happend to stumble across this site and it is one of my favorites. I never knew i was into vintage porn before y"all; opps my souther leaked out. anyways keep up the great work.

12 February 2006

Name: hotcock
ooooooooooh sweetheart love this site keep up the good work

11 February 2006

Name: Hosero
You have a really great site! Very interesting site and beautiful design!

10 February 2006

Name: Lelowow
Nice to meet people! Nice Website, keep up the good job.

10 February 2006

Name: Robert Lopez
Love your site. You guys have one of the best selections of vintage photos I have found.Thanks

9 February 2006

Name: Xobis
You did a nice job on creating this website!

9 February 2006