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Name: Franz Pichler
Very nice site with a lot of greatfull images. Hope we see us again

22 August 2007

Name: arancha
i love ththis beauty site. This beauties looking more beautiful than todays beauty.

3 July 2007

Name: Mae-Sekh'met
Hi! Great site! I just wanted to let you know that it has helped me make this Valentine"s Day that much more special! I love your Erotic Painting section! Thank you so much!

15 February 2007

Name: Bill
The young ladies of today could take a lesson from these beauties of the past. The idea of removing hair is so wrong since it adds so much to the erotic nature of the woman depicted. I am 82 and recall the sights I saw when I was quite young and these take me back to those forbidden views.

3 February 2007

Name: charlie
This is the first i have seen that is similar to my collection, although mine have multiple persons in them. Nice to see more vintage around!

21 January 2007

Name: Max Bell
A beautiful website of beauties.

17 January 2007

Name: melvin
fine site!!!
carry on!!!!!!!!!

14 January 2007

Name: RobertJ
Very interesting and very pretty website. :)
Good luck and keep up good work.
Best regards.

12 January 2007

Name: john
ya gota love it......grat site

12 January 2007

Name: Lars
This site is a beacon of hope and good taste in a barren wasteland of unenthusiastic modern silicone pumped "erotica".

9 January 2007