It has always been important for people to stay in touch with one another, exchanging messages as a reminder that friendships and affections are still running strong, and postcards have always done just fine in this respect, conveying tokens of remembrance rather than wordy epistles. And what did the people of yesteryear do with their cards? They stored them away lovingly to take out of the boxes and albums every once in a while and have a good browse, remembering the senders with fond smiles and sentimental tears. Those small scraps of paper sufficed to bring back the past.

And now you, dear guests, have the opportunity to contribute to the revival of this vintage tradition with the help of our lovely E-card service. Each card sent from our site will be delivered directly to the stated e-mail address, and what’s more it can be stored as an image file complete with the textual message, so that now your friends may well feel it necessary to set up their own special card depository, with a distinct vintage flair to boot.

Long live the good old postcard!
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