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Vintage Spanking.
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Vintage Spanking. The one gallery which can surely be called a hotty. Here we have some of the shocking shots showing that girls do like a little bit of violence and they do truly. Our grandmothers would spred their legs and let other women touch their breasts when being previously hit very hard on their smooth butts. Sometimes those would be just smacks with a feminine hand, sometimes a hit with a real broom. The passion that comes out of cruelty mixed with only feminine love – this is the very essence of this gallery. The callets on these pictures like being treated rough and that is what they get.

There is a number of certain pictures here that were made as a movie in pictures – a little porno. The three maids are shown, there we can see the hostess, her made who carries out her any order and the girl, more precisely her naked bosom. While the maid pulls up her skirt as the panties are already down, the hostess wearing a black hat starts heating the girl with a broom or with a bunch of branches. As sexy as hell! Very painful and very pleasing both, the girls are eternally seductive...

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