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Female Friendship.
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One can say vintage lesbian photography is useless today, but this statement can and will be objected to. And this photography collection will demur in itself to anybody who doesn’t see any point in collecting the reflections of the past. Any retro lesbians photography can show us understand our present better looking back at our past. Therefore with this very page we have a chance of time traveling without a time machine.

The conclusions we can at once make glancing at this page is: they did have the same taints as we have today, the same inclination to fleshly desires which is a part of human nature. This gallery is dedicated to “Female friendship” which is a thrilling experience for many women and a great seeing for a great number of men. These frank pictures bewilder us as we see the lasses kissing each other, as we see their hands on each other’s privy parts, massaging breast, stroking-oar pussies. Every single position is a source of pleasure, for them as well as for the modern observer. One of the brightest pictures of this page is the one with two ladies standing in a small room with their fannies turned to us. They are embracing each other gently and we can see their breasts tending to convolve in ecstasy.

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