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Little Helper.
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And this gallery opens up some of the most hidden feminine secrets of the past days. When there was no such thing as lesbians as an appropriate point of view, whatever was even close to the matter was judged as a rotten thing. But the girls still kept bringing each other pleasure, either with their hands, or their tongues or their little helpers. The helpers were artificial dicks, the shape was really similar to these days toys and the pleasure was probably even more than in present day little games. Sometimes there were two girls helping each other, sometimes three or more. At times those were naked slim bodies, more often plump ones, and you could even see the pregnant maids pleasing each other which is an exciting thing to watch.

The miraculous sight of the two girls with one of them fucking another one. The one who is active has a wale on her head and seems to be very pregnant. She has a dick sticking out of her bushy pussy. And the second one leans on the back of the chair, she is on her knees in it while her girl-friend is doing all the work. But no, this is not a work, this is a splendid pleasure. Their smooth bodies move together in the same rhythm, up to the same melody.

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