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Life goes on.
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“Life goes on” - that's the spirit. The endless sex our grandmothers and grandfathers used to have is reflected completely in the following pictures with every single wanton detail that could be taken out from the most hidden parts of their lives. They were truly having fun, those hairy men and their maids with big round breasts and the dark nipples. Shamelessly they were having great sex in front of the camera and nothing could stop them. The male characters had their mustache while liking the girls pussies and the girls didn't ever shave their armpits. Somewhat funny and somewhat awkward at times these pictures can become a true wonder for the lovers of retro and retro porn.

The special portion of attention should probably be paid to one pretty simple picture of a man sitting in the chair and a lady pleasing him with her hands. The picture is pretty pale and may not even look that attractive at first. But days back the true meaning of this very picture would be obvious at once: the man is black and her skin is the whitest of snow. The wanton hint is there in their seductivr and appetizing pose.

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