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Acrobatic Stunts - 3.
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As erotic as it may be this exhibition of photography performs the various pictures of our previous generation’s sexual life. There is not as much too say as to observe. This gallery just as the previous two is called “Acrobatic Stunts”. This is a total sexual bliss for those who truly appreciate the art of love, a look back at how it used. No shame, not a slightest shade of it as we observe naked people making love, sometimes it is just pure sex, but the feelings, different feelings in this case, are still strong. The women seem to really enjoy the photographer’s attention. They spread their legs and the observer can see every single detail somewhat covered by dark hair. And the male don’t tend to care, the most important for the men models here are their female partners.

The striking photo is the one of a man wearing a dress coat and a top hat. He is dressed up nevertheless this is not a reason to stay away from two charming lasses next to him, and more than that, he probably conquered them with his good looks and his wonderful suit. He sits on the top of one lady and touches his cock while the other lady is intending to sit on the top of her girl friend – and we can see her bushy privy parts – the source of pleasure.

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