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Acrobatic Stunts - 1.
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This is another page filled with bright pictures and bright characters from the past. We can only guess about how much evidence of the sexual aspects of human life the history has preserved. According to these pictures, however, there is one simple output: humans need sex, either as a part of their love relationships or just sex in itself, because it is a kind of ploy that needs skills and needs talent. These following images show mostly couples, sometimes just lasses and the privy parts of men. This is sexuality to its full extant. The photographers of the past managed to capture the unique moment of those people’s private lives in action.

The picture picked up for a more detailed analysis is the one of the couple on the seashore – and this is not by chance. The whole gallery is named as “Acrobatic Stunts”. We can definitely see the special pose they two hold – not easy but a really salty one. Her legs are one his shoulders and he is aiming into her while lifting her whole body up. She leans on the chair and anxiously pulls her little but up to him.

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