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Strength In Numbers.
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Among other things years back then people were not too reluctant as for holding a special kind of meetings, visiting each other’s houses in one very particular way. They could call it orgies and we sometimes still do, though today such phenomena are a lot more common. Orgies in those times could become a true addiction. There were very few things which could brighten up those people’s day more. On these pictures one can observe a tendency of one man and a few women gathering for sexual oblectations. Men rarely tell openly of their desire to get into bed with two women at once. These photos show some of our most hidden secrets, the men, fully pleased and the women receiving pleasure out of every single moment of such special visit to their friend’s house.

The photo with the two couples should be underlined here. A terrific picture of sexual intersection is evident here. A man and a woman are standing in the middle of the room. He grabs her half naked shoulder with thrills of pleasure as another woman is sucking his dick. The lady standing next to him isn’t bored either, there is a man kneeling in front of her who gives her a lot of excitement while licking her privy parts. A lot of agitation and a slight touch of irony…

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