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Dear Friend.
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This part of vulgar photography is dedicated to men-women relationships. We take another look at the sexual life of the previous generations and there we can enjoy every single detail. The forbidden fruit is the one of the terrific sweetness – and now we are going to bite some of it off. Here we can see naked men and women embracing each other. It’s not only for the major shape of their bodies to be shown, every fleshly detail is disclosed. Some of the photos perform coition with woman domination, others – with men. Both of them are striking and astonishing. A variety of exciting facts are revealed here such as kissing each other’s privy parts, licking one’s partner on the hidden places, back jumping. Thus all these pictures give us a mischievous hint that this is just a beginning of the list. Many more of such facts are further on the pages of other galleries and some are probably still hidden from the photographer’s eye but we can guess…

The picture with the woman on the top of her partner sitting in the chair is the lush one. His face is hidden as well as hers but the genitals are shown. The most beautiful thing here is the combination – her beautiful velvet skin and the feeling of furious passion, the feeling of movement we cannot fully observe.

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