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Boudoir Peep-Shows - 5.
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Fine taste and the lust for womanish silhouettes – those are the factors which could lead an observer into this very gallery. This page is for those who enjoy admiring the every single detail of the feminine body, the one that is slender and smooth, the one that is attracting and enchanting. There is often no need in fake allure or making eyes at males. The girls in these pictures can attract you not even knowing about it as they have that something special about them, special charms of fascination. All of them are well-groomed and wealthy looking. They probably belong to the upper-class society and not all the men are permitted here, in their boudoir.

Now that we know of their little secret we can think of this one lady whose face almost cannot be seen as she is photographed from the back. We can see her beautiful profile, her gorgeous eyes and the soft lines of her shoulders. There is a brilliant necklace that can be seen and this is the detail that only underlies the lady’s beauty and never extinguishes it.

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