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In the Bedroom.
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Come on gentlemen! This is one of your few chances to see a true feminine bedroom of the past. Who knows, maybe it doesn’t even differ from a present day ladies bedroom. Here we see different girls and women in their bedchambers. Some of them are resting, others are preparing themselves to be charming. All of them are very womanish. They have that quality which today ladies often lose while hurrying up to catch some success or some strength. These girls are real femmes. These pictures are piquant because despite the fact there is nothing sexed-up in these ladies, we keep in mind the allure they perform with their pure beauty.

The picture of a young girl standing next to her bed is a nice example of the whole gallery. She is wearing her underwear and her black stockings. Her hair is done. She is probably going off to bed after a long tiresome day. She is lonely there in her bedchamber. Her dress is on the chair next to her bed and she steps on the mattress with one of her feet. Her shy look and the whiteness of the sheets is a beautiful mixture of purity and dew.

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