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Lovely Legs.
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Welcome to this Lovely Legs Paradise! This is a truly enchanting show over here and we bet this is more than difficult to just pass by without stopping and looking at our exhibition more carefully. Trust us, it is worth your attention. It is nice to see that many legs on your display, isn’t it? The finest thing about it all is that these nice photos of feminine legs is not the end of the pleasant trip. If you only consider it and click on the picture that you are after, you will see more of the photo. Some of them have the lady full-height and if interested you can click on every single one and you will see that some of the pictures contain a wider range of females than you were guessing. It was scandalous years back then to show your legs that much and these ladies would be incredibly frivolous to do that in every day life. Many of the pictures show us some bordellos or cabarets and the legs were only a detail shown at first.

One of such picture is showing us the off-stage life of some cabaret dancers. We see those young pretty lasses and the gentlemen who came to see them. There is plenty of light in the room and the whole scene looks like a great holiday. The males are excited and the ladies are joyful.

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