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Boudoir Peep-Shows - 4.
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There we go again. We promise ourselves this would be the last gaze one more time, but the temptation is big and another peep doesn’t really look like a big thing. Here we see a few amusing series of pictures and a few separate ones. For example, the first one is picturing a woman in her luxurious bedroom, very feminine in itself. We see how the room is decorated partially and come to the conclusion this lady is used to being bored. There is little she is into in her life. All the photos show how she spends her leisure. She is bored and that’s for sure. Another series is really comical, not just entertaining as we see a little story of the unfaithful wife who cheats on her husband with a countryman. Isn’t it funny to watch the last two pictures where her husband comes home and notices the evidence of her infidelity? The whole gallery looks more like a comic strip.

Only a couple of pictures are different here. One of them pictures a young woman who covers her nude body with a pink towel. The color is beautiful and quite rich. She holds her hand up and looks straight in a very concentrated way. A nice picture with some nice colors in use.

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