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Boudoir Peep-Shows - 2.
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This is the wonderful song of youth that is heard among these pictures. These ladies like to play around wearing their laces and their light clothes and we take one more peep at them. This is a boudoir page and this is obvious as we see there are no men in the picture. The ladies are very different, some of them can wake up the desire inside, and others are simply funny as they look quite frolicsome and are sometimes pictured in amusing situations.

What a funny sight! This young lady is frightened on her bed. We can tell this is a luxurious room with heavy curtains and a beautiful standard lamp in the background. There is a little white mouse next to the girl. She is right there on the matrass with her whiskers sticking out martially. So the lady grabs her shoe and threatens the mouse or maybe even tries to reach it. She is really waggish sitting there next to that mouse. One of her breasts is uncovered but this is only a detail added up to the whole picture.

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