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Boudoir Peep-Shows.
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This is a piquant vintage gallery of the many femmes. We see a great number of retro girls, fully dressed, somewhat undressed and completely undressed as well. We now have a wonderful chance to peep on those boudoir ladies who often heated men’s imagination. There are no completely nude erotic postures but there is something sparkling about this gallery, as if there were a hint. Something more than these habitual scenes could happen to these girls and the viewer has only to be somewhat more observant. If you are really on alert, you will see the little piece of their smiles that say: we are far from being obedient, we can be spoilt and we can be angels. Whatever we wish may come true.

There we see the picture of the two ladies. Nothing special at the first gaze but then we see the admiring look of the lady in the bathtub and the wondering face of the second lady. They are close enough to reach each other but what we see clearly is only their smiles, their truly playful smile: such a nice scene to be noticed in the bathroom.

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