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Appetizing Spots - 1 1900s.
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The accurate lines connected with the stateliness of womanhood whelm one with an exciting sensation as he crosses the threshold of this gallery where fledgling femme fatales of the 1920s are performed. Those lasses full of joie de vivre, the embodiment of eroticism create a whole different world for the viewer. Therefore looking at these photos of 1920s we can see that the changes tend to go further in their development as more and more unusual details appear. In the earlier pictures we could see the perfectly shaped outlines of antique bodies and antique surroundings. Thus, now we are shown obvious details of every day life, such as an ordinary chair or a modern picture on the wall which makes the photos terrifically alluring. In many feminine bodies we still recognize the trail of plumpness – a special charm of the past days.

Facing the wall the lass holds back her short hair; it’s straight and seems to be trimmed according to the latest fashion, the fashion that is only for daring femmes. One of the finest details is her black stockings underling the sexuality in the whole of her body. Her bottom is exposed to us but the emphasize is still not the hottest spots of her body but the whole impression of passion and irrepressible attraction.

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