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Fledgling Femme Fatales 1920s.
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The honeydew of the 1920s is reflected in the following photos with the fledgling femmes who are still reluctant to expose their naughtiness to full extend but they tend to grow to be more and more in the twist of their nature. The pictures can be described as extremely sensual. Some of them can be described as really expressive ones where feminine flesh is the main ornament of the photo. Others stand out because the piquant body parts are hidden underneath clothes nevertheless one is always hinted that purity is far from being the only quality of the maid. They sometimes perform some very fervid poses when having raiment on. Now the art of composition is clearly felt as we can see the femmes sitting on the steps, wondering around the forest, showing very deliberate ways of behaviour.

The picture is taken in the open air. The girl with an elegant umbrella is sitting on a fallen tree fully dressed with a rather modest look and yet in the whole of her posture the observer will see a mist of sexual frankness. Her stockings are shown – a very “inappropriate detail”. The dress is shorter than it is supposed to be and too much skin is seen. But the maid doesn’t seem to care a thing about it. She is so pure and charming with that special beauty of her openness. There is expression even in modesty now.

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