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Charmers 1900s.
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The fellowless women of the 1900s are here exposed to your attention, so special in their unbeholden inner riot, the sexuality of their gazes. They dared to cross the line and thus they are here so gorgeous in their proud beauty. As one can see these photos differ from the ones of the past years: there are different shades of photographic images – the brownish, the yellowish, the pinkish colours, and sometimes we can even see certain elements of blue. Thus, we can say that the techniques of taking pictures were improving. And as the years of experience piled up it was easier to express all the detail’s of a human body therefore the style was changing and with time more and more liberties as for female images appeared. The characters were changing as strange details were appearing and less and less alike with pictual art.

A plum retro-lady laying on the couch with her back show. Her look as terrifically languid and the whole posture is so vivid with that little headdress underlining the oval of her face and the shoes on her feet. There is something very Oriental in the whole atmosphere of the picture – the first signs of the new photo type.

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