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Erotica 1885s.
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Beauteous vintage ladies reflecting the freshness and purity together with a special openness and charm. It was quite an unusual sight during the 1885s when the maids were still supposed to be shy and modest according to the rules of the dignified society members. But for the women imaged on the photos the term of worthiness is a different definition. A volley of rare women bodies and sensual poses can overwhelm any visitor striking the eye as well as one’s heart with the puissance of the vulnerable womanhood.

Leaning on a pot, free-gestured and tempting the lass glances away. Such women most often were aware of how alluring they were for men and thus they shamelessly exposed their flesh. The necklace on her neck contrast with the whiteness of her pale skin and her bare breasts become even more obvious for us. We gaze at her beautiful body shielded with pieces of jewelry and her shapes tempt us more and more showing the weakness of the human flesh. The lass standing naked with the nature picture elements and fine valuables on her skin – so hard to think if there is anything more provocative.

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