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Erotica 1880s.
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The light spirit of the 1880s is evident in every single picture of this very gallery. The kind of look men often have when being unhungered can be answered by any of the following maids. They are shown here as if just waiting for the curious visitors who look forward to enjoying the round shapes of their bodies, their faint smiles and the fanciful expression of their faces. One can be ensured that he will witness the infinite attraction of their longing bodies. Those were some of the most passionate women of the past days, the ones who could crack open the door of the beauty and love-lands. The obliterate pravity is only in the nakedness of their vivacious bodies. The smoothness of the feminine skin and the fairness of the well-groomed hair, sometimes put up in complicated hair-does, sometimes untressed – those details create the feeling of sensation and visual satisfaction.

Sitting fee-and-easy she looks down with her mysterious eyes as if she weren’t realizing the godliness of her bosom the seductive crinkle on her belly right above the navel. Full like mouth-watering fruit her breasts are adorned with beautiful well shaped nipples, evident but not voulgar. And only a slight sign of the maid’s privy parts down the belly are shown. The purity of sexual attractiveness reflects in every single line…

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