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Erotica 1900s.
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The women daring to show the frankness of their bodies were still rare in the 1900 but fully appreciated and admired by the passionate men of those times and they are still being admired for the courage to unveil the freedom of their flesh. With their hair loose the terrific morts of the past days were exploring the daring horizons of the sensuous world. Absorbed with the beauty of their own flesh they were striving to reveal the true shapes of feminine beauty, the charm that is fully presented when taking the clothes off regardless of what whoever may think of it. The lasses out from vintage were and still are the pioneers in the world of sexuality and sensibility.

The passionate luv, grabbing her gorgeous dark long hair does not seem to show a sign of embarrassment. So much feeling in her gesture and her eyes half-closed in the endless flow of excitement. Her twat covered with dark hair is to one’s full exposure while the luv is leaning on the white rock next to her. It is as if she were directing all the force of her sexuality in one stream, down to the ground. Her boobs are charmingly shaped in the tempting stance. The whole picture looks as if the luv were the embodiment of the pure passion together with some romantic serenity of those years.

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