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Erotica 1880s.
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What a glamorous sight it is: the plain bewitchment of the woman’s breasts, her beautiful neck, the round shaped belly and the unrevealed secrets of her privy parts. The femmes of the 1880s were the ones to unfold their bodies with no embarrassment and no silent shame in their gestures. There is a sparkle of delight in their eyes as their body is evident in its nakedness seducing and tempting with the plumpness of the flesh revealed. Their bosom, so tender and yet so piquant attracts the eye with either its huge size or the beauty of lines. Nothing factitious in the female postures mixes with the slight impression the lass had been photographed at the most unexpected moment. Though some photos deny the fact, showing the thirst for attention in every single detail of the picture.

As if caught when dancing she stands in front of the camera with her lips smiling and her eye brows beautifully raised, not suspecting how charming her breasts and her slim waist are. The luv stretches out her hand and it makes the flow of her body alluring in the most exciting way with the outline of her privy parts shown, the triangle-shaped dark hair and the slender legs catch the eye in the odd dance movement…

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