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Erotica 1930s.
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Expressiveness of the human flesh gives the chills as one takes a look at this very gallery of black and white erotic photography of the 1930s. Here is a special mood and a special vision of the femmes. There is a genuine rapture with the bodies, with the poses, light and mise en scene. The bodies seem to be postured in all the perspectives possible to catch our attention with the exclusiveness of sexual force. The way the light falls down on their bare skin reveals the every detail that brings pleasure to a man’s eye. The feminine faces are light up with beauty and one can see the thin coating of courtliness mixed with obvious passion.

The lady sitting sideways has raised her hands up to her shoulders gracefully. Her breasts are disclosed and we can see the way they are shaped, the beautiful shape of her back. She is only half dressed, thus her legs and her privy parts are concealed by the black fabric. She has bent her head down on her shoulder and it gives one a feeling she could be a dancer, maybe a ballet dancer. The background is blared and this even increases the effect the nude body gives to the observer.

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